Friday, 2 December 2011

Is there Heaven for a Thug?

Is there a heaven for a thug? This is the question upon which C-Murder ruminates during the track Heaven 4 A Thug from the No Limit label's 1998 compilation CD We Can't Be Stopped, and it's a question that has been bugging me somewhat.

Firstly, let's just be clear that I have much love for C-Murder regardless of his current legal status, and it seems fair to say that not only has the guy never done a bad album, but he's done a few exceptional ones (providing you ignore the skits which seem to involve phoning people up and calling them rude names, and which seem to miss the point of skits on CDs, whatever that may be), Trapped in Crime and The Truest Shit I Ever Said being just two of these exceptional albums - no mean feat considering that the latter appears to have been recorded by telephone answering machine from a prison cell.

Secondly, let's also be clear that I make no claims towards being a theologian.

Anyway, to reiterate the original question, is there heaven for a thug, a thug for the sake of argument here being defined as a bad lad who nicks stuff and doesn't consider himself entirely above settling arguments by means of firearms?

I suggest that the framing of this question presupposes the existence of heaven as described by Christian teachings, regardless of whether that heaven is, as C-Murder clearly would like to know, available for members of the Thug community: so it is apparent that C-Murder's enquiry does not relate at all to the existence of a heaven, but rather to the nature of a heaven of which, to his mind, the veracity is already confirmed. This itself would tend to support a world view as described in the Christian Bible, and would therefore further support the (for the sake of argument in terms of its context) Christian Bible as a definitive source of information on this topic - a place in which we may therefore reliably seek answers to this conundrum.

So, returning once again to our original question, now set forth in terms of potential Biblical confirmation, is there heaven for a thug?

Yes, and it's called Hell.

There now. That wasn't so difficult, was it?

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